King Charles of England, who came to Romania for the first time in 1998, fell in love with Transylvania at first sight. Since that day, he has made it his mission to protect the village life and nature of Transylvania. One of the places he got his hands on in Viscri Village. One of the things it does for this is to ensure that both traditional life and nature are protected by making these places a focus of agritourism (tourism about village life) and ecotourism. The king made his first move by buying houses in the fairy-tale villages of Viscri and Zalanpatak. After restoring the houses, he started to operate as a guest house. He also spends a few days here every year. The package price of being a guest at King Charles' home, including meals, is £122 per day. You can find the video at the bottom of the article. King Charles is the first noble in the history of the village. According to documents from the 1400s, there were 51 households, 3 shepherds, 1 teacher and 2 homeless in the